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Abofahdsh is an online app that is very helpful for people who play Free Fire games. It is one of the most used apps. This app is very helpful for people who have low vision because this app has an option through which users can magnify and either increase or decrease the resolution of the screen. Besides this, the app has some other features with the help of which users can conquer the battlefield.

The most important feature is the weapon change option through which players can easily switch to other advanced weapons within seconds. Players can also get a bird’ eye view of the battlefield with the help of drones. They can easily trace their enemies. Another exciting thing about this app is that players can see beyond any walls and they can easily take down any enemy who is hiding behind a wall. Players with the option of auto-aim can directly kill their foes.

What is Abofahdsh?

Abofahdsh is one of the most thrilling apps for people who want to conquer Free Fire battlefields. Users can now increase or decrease the resolution and they can even set the DPI (Dots Per Inch) with the help of this app. The features of this app have made this app the first choice of users and many people are using this for their comfort.

Abofahdsh FF Mod has the option of drone view where users can see and track their enemies and they can also see beyond the walls as well. Another important thing about this app is that it has this option where users can automatically kill enemies. Another amazing feature of the app is that users can change their weapons wherever they want to. They can easily switch from a simple to an advanced weapon within seconds.

What are the Main Capabilities Of this App?

Following are some of the features of this app which has made it the first choice of users.

DPI Settings

One of the most prominent features of Abofahdsh is the DPI setting. Users can change and set the DPI (Dot Per Inch) of their device screen. With this users can adjust the screen size according to their will. They can either increase or decrease the resolution.

Weapon Change

During the fight on the battlefield, players can change and even upgrade their weapons. When a player is in an emergency or a dangerous situation he can get a powerful weapon to fight against the foe.


With the help of drone view, players can get an overall view of the battlefield. They can also pinpoint their enemies and kill them. Players can also trace hidden enemies with drone cameras and make plans and strategies before the enemy attacks them. They can prepare beforehand to fight.

View Beyond Walls

This is one of the most exciting features of this app because, with the help of this feature, players can see beyond the walls. They can know what is behind the wall and if an enemy is behind the wall players can prepare in time to kill them.

Auto-Aim Kill

Another feature that makes its an interesting app is the Auto aim-kill option. Here, the weapons are automatically adjusted to kill the enemies.

Resolution Control

Users can control the resolution of the images. They can either increase or decrease the resolution.


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Is Abofahdsh Safe to Use?

It is a safe and secure app and it is used by many individuals around the world. No complaints have been received regarding its malfunctioning. So, users can freely use it and rest assured.

How to Use Abofahdsh?

The very first thing to do is to download APK from or our website APKNJ.NET or Play Store. Go to the settings on your device and click on allow permission for third-party apps to operate on your device. After allowing permission you can now operate this app on your device without any disturbance.

Alternative Apps

There are many apps besides this app which are also free to use and play game with premium items. It includes Game Booster 4X, DPI Changer, Garena Free Fire Mod, and Game Checker. These are another moded apps for users at zero cost.


Download Abofahdsh is one of the apps that comes with many features. The app is perfect for people who want to make a name for themselves on the battlefield of Free Fire. The resolution and DPI of the screen can be adjusted according to the needs of the users.

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