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We all know that English plays a vital part in our everyday life. It is a widely used language. Now it has become very easy to learn English with the help of PlayphraseMe. It is one of those apps which teaches English in a very easy and simple way. This app helps people to learn English irrespective of their background and qualifications. The app provides a friendly platform for its users to navigate through to find the perfect content to learn from.

Playphrase.Me with the help of different features has helped many people online. Those people who are just beginners can search for phrases in their language to understand better. There is also this option to bookmark phrases that you think are worth it and can be recalled later. Users can also replay the material they have learned to recall them again. One of the good things about this app is that users can learn English through movies or any show of their choice.

What is Playphraseme?

PlayphraseMe is one of the most useful apps for those people who want to learn English. It is a very helpful app to learn new phrases and use them in your everyday conversation. The app is widely applauded for its wide collection of phrases in help people to learn beyond boundaries. This app is built quite differently. There is an option to add new phrases as well.

Anyone who thinks a phrase is not on the app can add it to the app. The Play PhraseMe app is very versatile and offers different genres to learn from. They include not just movies and shows but when you type a word there, you can get its audio and its usage in different videos. Users can also navigate in their native language as well. It is a great platform to learn English for free.

What are the Main Features Of this App?

Following are some of the features of the Playphrase.Me app;

Phrase Search

A user can type or search for a specific word and they can listen to audio clips of that word from TV shows, movies, and other videos.


People can search for phrases in any language they want to. This way people who are just beginners will not find it difficult to use and learn.


When a user likes any phrase they can save those phrases by creating a collection or library to learn and remember them later.


With this feature of random playback, users can explore new phrases to learn.

Material Filter

Here, users can search for materials based on different sources which include movies and television shows. With this feature, users can learn from a specific content of their choice which may be a movie, any TV show, or a podcast.

Encouraging User Contributions

It is one of the few apps which encourages its users to contribute to the development of the app. Users can add new phrases here to increase the database of the app and help other users explore and learn more.

Is PlayphraseMe Safe to Use?

This app is just an English learning site that does not cause any harm to its users. It is safe to use and does not necessarily require any additional information from the users.

How to Use it?

PlayphraseMe APK file can be downloaded for Android as well as iOS from our website APKNJ.NET. When downloaded, users can operate it on their devices and start using it to learn English. The thing to be kept in mind is to download it from a site that you think is trustworthy.

Alternative Apps

Many apps can be operated besides this app. They include,,, and OnlyTik,


Download PlayphraseMe is one of the widely used apps to learn English. English is not the first language of many people, so people who want to learn it can use this app to get a hold of the language. This app is very user-friendly and it is easy to handle. The features of this app include the option of different content through which English can be learned. Many movies and shows are available to show the use of different phrases.

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