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Stremio Mod is the first choice of people who want all the content available on the internet on a single platform. It is a versatile app and contains a variety of options for its users ranging from TV shows, podcasts, sports, and movies as well. This app is safe and free to use. It is available on all devices like Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows. So do not wait any longer and get this Mod to enjoy watching your favorite shows, sports, and movies.

One of the good features of this app is the quality of the videos. The videos are in HD and they run very smoothly. Besides the quality, the app is very easy to handle and there are different categories to choose from. Not only is the app safe to use but it is also free of cost. Anyone can anywhere use this app with ease. This app has the option of a library where users can save their favorite videos and they can also rewatch those videos. You can download this app from our website.

What is Stremio Mod?

Stremio Mod is one of the few apps that offers a variety of content to its users. This app has all the features of different platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and HBO combined. This app offers a genre of entertainment to users. A person can find any content of their interest here. There are a variety of shows, podcasts, sports and fitness videos, and movies available here. The features of this app have attracted a large number of people. This app is free to use and is also protected from malware.

What are the Main Features Of this App?

The features that have attracted a large number of users to this app are as follows;

All In One

This app is one of the only platforms where you can find any program of your choice. A wide range of genres are available here. You can watch anything ranging from entertainment to podcasts, talk shows, movies, and sports.


Stremio Mod can be operated on your smartphones, windows, Mac, iOS, iPads, and Android TV as well.

HD Quality

The videos available on this app are of high quality. They are HD-quality videos.

Library Option

There is an option for the library in this app where users can arrange and save their favorite shows and content with just one click. They can either arrange the contents in alphabetical order or according to the time they save them.

Smart Search Option

With the smart search options users can find their favorite sports, shows, podcasts, and channels by only entering the name of the show, its director, or by the name of the actor.

Is Stremio Mod Safe to Use?

It is a very secure app. It is an open source app and no harm can be done to the user. It is an app that does not ask for any data of users. It respects the user’s privacy. So no need to worry about your data being hacked. You can enjoy this app without any fear.

How to Use Stremio Mod?

It is a very easy-to-use app. All you need to do is download it from either the Play Store or our website APKNJ.NET. Just keep in mind that when you are downloading it from any website then do check the authenticity of that site. When you have downloaded it, create an account by signing up. When your account is created you can browse all your favorite shows, podcasts, and channels on it.

Alternative Apps

There are many apps that a user can use besides this app. They include Plex, Playphraseme, Universal Media Server, Roku icon, Web Torrent, Reelgood, Guest, and Plasma Big Screen icon.


Download Stremio Mod is one of the widely used apps and is one of the few apps that provides unlimited facilities to its users. Here, users can find a variety of content to choose from. They range from sports, to talk shows, movies, and even podcasts. It is an app that provides its users with many features for free.

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