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A tiny, basic Android app called VnRom Net Bypass 2024 is designed to let you recover any Android phone’s Google Account lock without a laptop or PC. These easy methods and Net Bypass will assist you in simply removing the Google account password. If you’re afraid about upgrading or don’t want to use the Unlock FRP app. The Android Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Pie 9.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android 10 or, most crucially, Android 11 R, Android 12 S, and Android 13 handsets may all be used with this app.

What is VnRom Net Bypass?

The FRP lock on Android devices may be removed using the VnRom Net Bypass app. One of the most effective Apps available for avoiding FRP is this one. The term “factory reset protection” or “FRP” is used. FRP is used for security purposes. We are requested to enter information from our Gmail whenever we reset an Android phone, such as a smartphone or tablet. The phone asks for the identical Gmail ID passwords that we used forward to the handset being restored.

What are the Main Features Of this App?

With the help of the VnRom 2024, you may effortlessly remove your phone’s Email Address. In assisting folks who are likewise engaged in using it and finishing their task at their hands, we have listed its app’s excellent and superior features for our website viewers.

  • It is a simple app that locks data using FRP.
  • This app gives amazing connectivity with all Samsung phones due to its powerful support.
  • This app is simple in its layout.
  • A highly reliable app that shouldn’t require registration.
  • Join a reliable internet connection.
  • You will unlock FRP from your Phone without cost.
  • Cross-platform service for all Smartphones.


No Password, No Registration, Free of Ads, Free of Cost, Free from Errors, Easy to Use, and Downloads freely.

How to Use VnRom Net Bypass?

Simple steps are available in the below list to use this app on your Smartphone;

  1. Run Vn_ROM Bypass APK on USB after downloading it from APKNJ.Net.
  2. OTG connection connected to the USB.
  3. On Mobile phone 
  4. Make a Wireless connection.
  5. Press three times on the Start Button to enable talkback.
  6. The options will change.
  7. Press “Talkback Options” once.
  8. Continually press or hold the power button three times.
  9. Please visit Help & Reviews.
  10. “Get Begin using Voice Access” should be visited.
  11. Next, hit the Start button if you find a YouTube video there.
  12. Next in that video, select “Beginning with a voice” by holding or pressing.
  13. You’ll be sent to YouTube.
  14. Hit the YouTube account icon.
  15. Press on Rules and Privacy Notice after that.
  16. Next, hit cancel, and then select Bookmarks.
  17. Choose Save History from the menu.
  18. You may now press “My Files” to access your USB.
  19. Install the App on your Mobile phone using a USB.
  20. If you see an unknown source issue, just enable unknown sources in the settings.
  21. Just go to settings on your handset and do a factory reset after an initial connection.
  22. You no longer need to request a password login in order to configure your phone.


Download VnRom Net Bypass 2024 is useful in some trying conditions, such as the FRP problem. You won’t need to submit any Gmail ID information, so it makes the process of setting up your phone very simple. This most recent version of this app may be found on many websites, and running it is very simple. On every Smartphone, it fixes the FRP issue. A trustworthy app with lots of downloads, it is a heavily modified FRP tool with no flip advertisements.

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