What is APK and How It Works? – 2024 Update

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APK is a very helpful file format for installing apps in an Android system. It does not occupy much space as it is available in zip form. It is a very essential tool to install apps across operating systems.

What is APK?

APK stands for Android Package Kit simply called Android package. It is a zip file format that is used by Android to install and distribute various apps. It is in compact form to save space. It is in zip form and contains app codes, resources, and metadata.

What is APK Used For?

The very first and most important use of APK is the distribution of apps. APK is used to distribute various apps across an Android system. These files can be shared via app stores and websites, and even direct transfer is also available. Second is the installation of updates.

When we download an app from  Playstore, the Play Store installs the app and updates it in an APK format. The third thing about APK files is that, with the help of APK users can directly download or update an app without going to the Play Store.

Advantages of APK

in the below list, we define the main advantages of APK;

Flexible Nature

If a user wants to develop an app or wants to do beta testing then APK is very helpful. You do not need to go to the official app store to download the app. These options for beta testing are not available on the official app stores. So, APK is very helpful for doing beta testing and Distribution of apps.


A user can customize APK files according to their needs. Developers can create modified versions of different apps and distribute them.


One of the best things about the APK file is that it can be downloaded from the app store, or website and can also be transferred directly without using the internet.

What is the Difference Between APK and App?

The first thing is that APK is a file format that is used to distribute apps across an Android system. While app or simply app is the thing that is being distributed by APK file. APK contains the resources, metadata, and necessary files to run an app.

While the app is software that operates on our smartphones and tablets. APK file delivers us with the app and what we interact with on our smartphone to play games, edit photos, and watch videos is done using different apps available on our smartphones.

Why Can I Download APK? 

An individual can install apps by downloading an APK file. There may be several reasons a person can choose to download an APK file. It is used to install various apps of your choice on your Smartphone and enjoy the features of the app. To download an APK file users first need to lift the restriction of downloading unknown apps installed from the settings on their phones or tablets.

After lifting the restriction they can download the APK from our website APKNJ.NET or any other site you trust or the source you think is authentic. Sometimes downloading an APK file from an unknown source can affect your phones. Because those sources can contain malware in the APK file.

What is an APK Installer?

The name suggests that it is a tool that is used to install APK files on the Android system. The APK installers before downloading the APK file give you the necessary information regarding the file what as its size, and its version, and it also provides the date on which the APK file was modified.

Is APK File Safe to Use?

APK is safe to use but sometimes it can cause harm to the device. When you manually download an APK file from an unknown source then it can harm your device. Because some of the APKs from unknown sources contain malware that can infect your device. So, try to avoid unknown sources and opt for an authentic source.


In the end, APK is a file format that is used to distribute and install apps across the operating system of Android. It contains metadata, resources, and codes to install apps in the operating system. It can be downloaded from Play Store, or a website and even it can be directly transferred without using the internet.

It is safe to use but it is important to download APK from authentic sources. If you download it from an unknown source then chances are that the file contains some form of malware that will interrupt the proper functioning of your device.

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