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Daraku Gear Mod is one of the widely used games and comes with some exciting features. It is an online gaming app that is free of cost and gives its users the option to customize their characters and the game. Due to its features, it is used by many to either play with friends or compete with people around the globe. There are also rewards in the game which are awarded when a player wins a match.

Diamonds and coins are also available which can be used to purchase premium items and unlock new features. Besides the rewards players can have the option to play with their friends or they can also play against other users. The 3D graphics of the DarakuGear game is the best thing about this app. It makes the game appear more realistic and fun. It is safe and easy to use.

What is Daraku Gear?

Daraku Gear is an app which is developed by Zero Corporation. It is a gaming app that is used worldwide. It is a game which offers a different experience to its users. Here a user competes with others to win a match and with each victory, they are upgraded to a new level. With the new levels comes some exciting news as well. In the new level players will have advanced abilities and new weapons to fight with their foes.

What are the Main Features Of this App?

Some of the features of Daraku Gear Mod that have made it the first choice of gamers are as follows;

Game Customization

In many online games users can not create their games. However, in this app, users can customize the puzzles and the characters of the game. Users by making changes in the game can enjoy more and get a unique game as well.

Game Levels

There are levels in the game that can be unlocked when players win a match. When they reach a new level they can get access to new equipment and weapons for the fight.


There are many characters in the game to choose from. Each one of the characters has its unique features, clothing, abilities, and set of skills. Players can choose any of the characters to fight in the game.

Multiplayer Option

Like many other games, this app offers the option of multiplayer. Here gamers can either challenge their friends in the game or they can also play against other players. It is one of the most fun parts of this app.


The reward part is the biggest motivator of the game. When a player gets rewards and battle points they will be encouraged to play more and compete with others to showcase their skills. Players can also get virtual money in the form of coins and diamonds. They can use these coins and diamonds to get hold of premium items.


The graphics of the game is the most important feature. The 3D graphics are a remarkable part of making the game more interesting and engaging. The visual display and the sound are praiseworthy.

Is Daraku Gear Safe to Use?

This is an authentic gaming app and is used by many people. It is safe and it ensures the privacy of its users. It does not cause any harm to the device.

How to Use it?

To download Daraku Gear Mod APK file for Android or iOS phones first visit our website APKNJ.NET. Click on the download button to start the download. Once it is downloaded, go to the settings on your Smartphone and allow permission to third-party apps. Once permission is granted, start using the game and enjoy playing with friends.

Alternative Apps

Many apps can be used besides this app. They are Tenkafuma Mod, Gacha Club Mod, Cherry Tale Mod, and Village Rhapsody.


Download Daraku Gear Mod is an online gaming app that comes with a variety of features that are not the ordinary features you will find in some other apps. The features include the option to customize the game. Here users can customize the characters and puzzles of the game. When a player wins the game they are promoted to a new level. With the new level comes new abilities and weapons to be utilized in the game.

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