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To all the people who love to know more about space, Space Engine is for you to start your journey of space within your smartphones. This is an app working on both Android and iOS phones which is specifically designed for people who want to explore outer space and its complexities. It is an app that provides virtual reality to space lovers. We only study space and its complexities in our books. Now we can experience all those things with the help of this app.

The SpaceEngine Mobile app is built for people who cherish space and want to know more about it. Not only astronomy students but anyone who wants to learn about space can use this app to increase their knowledge. The features of the app have made it more compelling. The multidimensional view and the clear images make the experience of users unique. This app is a very great platform for people who want to learn beyond their books.

What is Space Engine?

Space Engine is one of the most intriguing apps for people who love to explore space and its related concepts. This app provides an adventurous experience to space lovers. This app comes with some exciting features and provides a very clear and 3D view of all the objects including stars, galaxies, and nebulae. People who love astronomy and astrophysics should use this app to experience what they have learned in their books. So, download it to learn beyond the earth.

Space Engine Mod provides a whole new experience to people who are new to astronomy and astrophysics. People can learn a lot from this app. This app is safe and secure and therefore anyone can download it to increase their knowledge of astronomy. Users need to download it from an authentic source and install it on their devices to experience the things that they have only learned in their textbooks.

What are the Main Features Of this App?

Following are the astounding features of the Space Engine Online app which makes it the first choice of people.

3D View Of Space

Anyone who wants to explore the universe will get a 3D view of the planets, solar system, nebulae, and even other galaxies and stars. The 3D view allows the users to experience outer space as if they are there.

Astronomy & Physics

For students and even teachers who study astronomy and astrophysics, this app is very helpful. This app provides a perfect image of all the objects in outer space like stars, galaxies, and nebulae. People can learn from this app by observing them.


The quality of this app is very good. A clear representation of the objects is shown. Users can zoom in on any image by just tapping on it. The quality and detail of every object is very fine.

Movement & Control

Users can freely explore the universe to discover different objects. You can click on any object to see it. Users can also increase or decrease the speed to go around different galaxies and interstellar.


No cost app, Download without any price, No errors, No password needed, No registration needed, Secure app, Customer support, UI simple, and compatible with Android as well as iOS phones.

Is Space Engine Safe to Use?

It is a secure app. This app is safe to use and it does not necessarily interfere in the working of your device.

How to Use it?

First of all, you need to download SpaceEngine APK from the Play Store or APKNJ.NET. Open the settings in your phone and turn on the unknown source option to install it on your device.

Alternative Apps

There are many apps available that provide the same features as this app. Some of them are as follows: Space Chase, Odyssey, Galaxy Map, Universe in a nutshell, Earth Inc, and Stellarium.


Download Space Engine is one of the best apps for people who love to explore space and related concepts. This app provides a real-life experience to users exploring all the objects of space within their smartphones. This app comes with some exciting features like 3D graphics where users can get a very clear and 3D view of the objects. Another important thing is users can see all the things about which they have only in their textbooks.

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